2016 Reflection

Everytime I think about TriVienna, I think of an abandoned website. After all, it has been dormant for two years. More recently, and mainly out of curiosity and appreciation for some of the knowledge they left behind, I was successful in meeting the original creators over the internet. They helped me gain access, and I began publishing BLOG Posts. But after my last post on August 29th, my concern was that TriVienna had become a BLOG by Ken due to a lack of willing contributors. Furthermore, TriVienna is crumbling due to an increasing number of obsolete links to what was useful information, but now go nowhere.

Amazingly, TriVienna is still being looked at by an enormous number of visitors (42,556 so far just this year).  See chart below.


And the visitors come mainly from Austria and the U.S.


As we approach a new year, I sincerely hope that you will consider volunteering your precious time in helping TriVienna continue its mission of sharing useful information with those expats moving to or now living in Vienna.

You can find out more about how you can help by sending an email to me using the form below:



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