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Good Sushi

Q. Where can I find good sushi in Vienna? (Compiled from various posts)

A. There is a very good sushi place called Toko Ri on Gonzagagasse in the 1st. We tried it because I found a website recommending it as one of the best sushi places in the city, and it is indeed very good. There are fishtanks in the restaurant, so good for an early dinner with kids, and they will also do takeaway.

A. The sushi at both Asia Vienna and Manga was pretty good. Nothing fancy like some of the rolls you see in the States, but not bad. The running sushi place at Millenium City is decent, too.

A. Dots, which has locations in both the 19th and on Mariahilferstrasse. (Read TriVienna’s review of Dots here.)

A. Yohm down in the 1st district is really good! A little more expensive but nice for special celebrations…one of my favorites!



Q. Does anyone have any experience with/recommendations for orthodontics in Vienna or a nearby city? (Posted 6/13/2013)

A. We used a great one: Claudia Smiles on Billrothstrasse in the 19th district. (Note: The orthodontist’s name is Dr. Claudia Aichinger-Pfandl and this is the website for her practice.)

A. Dr. Eva-Maria Madani. (Note: View her practice’s website here.)

Sports Teams and Classes for Young Children

Q. How do you find out about sports teams and classes for your kids? For example, I’m thinking swim classes, dance, tumbling/gymnastics, soccer, etc. (Posted 5/22/2013)

A. The Vienna Babies Club’s website has lots of information and links about various aspects of living in Vienna with kids.

A. Check out these two Sport Union websites:

A. This swimming program is worth looking into:

MacBook Battery Replacement

Q. Where do I go to get my MacBook battery replaced? (Posted 5/24/2013)

A. There is a Mac store in the 4th district, or you can go to the Apple section in Saturn at Donau Zentrum.

A. There is an authorized Apple reseller called McShark (which has a store located in Donau Zentrum). Their location on Mariahilferstrasse is where they accept items for repair.

A. Use the Apple store locator on Apple’s Austrian website.

Tickets for the Vienna Boys Choir

Q. My mom is coming to visit and I’d like to take her to see the Vienna Boys Choir, but the links are so confusing. Has anyone done this already? (Posted 4/22/2013)

A. We’ve gone to the Sunday mass at the Hofkapelle, which is very nice and feels special, although the boys are up in the organ loft so you can’t see them while they sing the mass. They do come down at the end and sing one more piece after the mass. I went there in person to get tickets — it’s in an inner courtyard above the Schatzkammer and it’s only open these times:

Friday / Saturday: 11:00 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 5:00 p.m. 

Sunday / Sunday: 8:15 to 9:15