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Day trip to Kahlenberg

One of the most visited day trip locations near Vienna is Kahlenberg. It has a vast view of the city and lots of easy hiking trails for the whole family.


The drive to the top is also easy or you can choose to hike.


For more information see: Heavenly views from the Kahlenberg


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Waldseil Park


Waldseil Park in Kahlenberg is a great place for a family day trip. It’s almost as adventurous as Zip Lining, but well organized, and quite safe.

They have a English language website for the latest information:





The Burggarten, located at Josefplatz 1 in the 1st district, is part of the Hofburg palace complex. There are two entrances: one on the Ring Road (accessible by trams 1, 2, and D: “Burgring” stop), and one behind the Albertina off Hanuschgasse. This is a park vice playground, but my children (and many others as well) were entertained by the ducks in the pond, fountain, staircase, and trees with branches low enough to climb. There are also several memorial statues that my children found exciting, most notably the one to Mozart.

The park has a very clean indoor WC, and the aforementioned staircase leads to a terrace where the Palmenhaus restaurant and café is located. For horse lovers, the Spanish Riding School offers a program called “Piber Meets Vienna” while the Lipizzaners are summering. Some of the Piber foals and their mothers come to Vienna and are introduced via a show where they frolic around the ring while the audience is told about how Lipizzaners are raised, chosen for training, etc. There are also some carriage demonstrations. The program is in both German and English and very interesting. If you want to see the horses frolicking but don’t want to pay for a ticket, they are set loose in the Burggarten every day at 5:00 p.m. for some fresh air. You can just show up in the park and watch them play.

Lipizzaner foals frolicking in the Burggarten

Lipizzaner foals frolicking in the Burggarten








To the left of the Palmenhaus Restaurant is the Schmetterling Haus (“Butterfly House”). It is open daily: 10:00-4:00 November-March, 10:00-5:00 April-October. For a somewhat steep admission fee (our family of four paid EUR 18) you can wander around a hot house and watch hundreds of butterflies fly around. I know this does not sound overly exciting, but it provided an additional half hour of entertainment and everyone in my family enjoyed our time there.

Yes, that would be a butterfly on the statue's face.

Yes, that would be a butterfly on the statue’s face.










  • Visit the Ministry of Life’s web page about the park (German only)
  • Visit the Schmetterling Haus’s website
  • “Like” the Spanische Hofreitschule on Facebook to get updates on when the Lipizzaner foals will be visiting Vienna

Wien Museum at Karlsplatz

The Wien Museum at Karlsplatz is a great little museum that offers a glimpse of Vienna’s history. There are changing exhibits but the permanent displays include an impressive collection of knights and war exhibits from the Turkish occupation.  Of course, there are lots of paintings to enjoy and kids (and adults!) generally like examining the two miniature displays of Vienna.

Bet you didn’t know:

  • that there is free admission the first Sunday of every month (yes, it’s true – just walk on in!)
  • that there is a kids’ play area right next to the museum’s cafe on the ground floor. Although certainly geared towards the younger kids, this is a great rainy/cold day activity especially since access to the cafe and play area is free – any time and day (it might be closed during special events though). And, on the weekends from 11am on, staff people bring out additional toys for the kids!

For more information:


The Schweizergarten is a large park located in the 3rd district near the southern railroad station, and accessible by the D and 18 trams and 69A bus. The park itself is beautiful, with ponds, sculptures, a rose garden, and lots of shaded areas for picnics and outside games. There is also a sizeable playground that is worth a visit.

The playground has the standard equipment: swings, slides, and climbing structures. It also boasts a sizeable sand box (it is not covered, so the amount of shade depends on the time of day), a zip line, and a large water table. There is a water pump to clean the children off before you go, as well as several benches (both in the shade and not).


There are not, however, WC facilities. Directly across the small street that runs through the park is a guest garden, zum Klein Stiermark. The military history museum is also across the street from the main entrance of the park.