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Budapest weekend

Budapest is an easy drive for a weekend getaway from Vienna. The downtown area is chock full of restaurants, and after dark, becomes quite the hot spot for nightlife.


Both sides of the Danube river provide beautiful views.

Everything is available by the light rail and easy walk.

Some parts will be appreciated by the kids because of the resemblance to Disneyland, or is it the other way?

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Recommended Peruvian food in the First

Who would imagine finding Peruvian cuisine in Austria? Well, we did, and it’s near home for us, and well worth the trip if you are outside the Ring. It’s informal, but service and food makes it worth the trip.


In response to the question:  “how kid-friendly it seemed?” I recently asked, and they place families in the lower level. They have one highchair, but no booster seats. It would be best to call ahead.

Good Sushi

Q. Where can I find good sushi in Vienna? (Compiled from various posts)

A. There is a very good sushi place called Toko Ri on Gonzagagasse in the 1st. We tried it because I found a website recommending it as one of the best sushi places in the city, and it is indeed very good. There are fishtanks in the restaurant, so good for an early dinner with kids, and they will also do takeaway.

A. The sushi at both Asia Vienna and Manga was pretty good. Nothing fancy like some of the rolls you see in the States, but not bad. The running sushi place at Millenium City is decent, too.

A. Dots, which has locations in both the 19th and on Mariahilferstrasse. (Read TriVienna’s review of Dots here.)

A. Yohm down in the 1st district is really good! A little more expensive but nice for special celebrations…one of my favorites!

Bellevue Alm in Bad Gastein

Located at 1300m above Bad Gastein, the Bellevue Alm is a great place for dinner or Apre Ski.  In winter, the lodge is easily accessed on the ski piste on the way down into the valley.  There is a road you can hike to get up to the lodge for dinner, though snowshoes may be helpful depending on the time of year.  If you prefer the easy route up, you can take the Alm’s private single chairlift to dinner (6.50 Euro round trip / 4 Euro one way) for a spectacular view of the valley at night.  If you are feeling a bit more adventurous after dinner, you can take the rodelbahn down to the valley on the snow covered road.  We could not ride down due to lack of snow, but the lift ride was both beautiful and peaceful.

In the summer, the Bellevue Alm is an easy stop on the way up to or from the Stubnerkogel for both hikers and mountain bikers.

The four of us enjoyed cheese fondue in a very traditional environment.

Bellevue Alm
5640 Bad Gastein

Child-Friendly Restaurants

Q. Have you found any good restaurants that you feel comfortable taking kids to? (Posted 11/26/2012)

A. Yamm!, right by Schottentor UBahn, has a small indoor playground! It’s not big, but it’ll buy you 20-30 minutes to eat. Not open on the weekends, for some reason.

A. Fischer Brau on Billrothstrasse in the 19th.

A. We like Figls (they have a kids menu) and Feurwehr Wagner (nothing for kids in winter –playground in summer– but are often empty enough for them to run around). We went to Bamkraxler this weekend in Nussdorf (there’s a playground and small tables for the kids) – not the best ambience for adults but fun for kids. (Read our review of Bamkraxler here.) We also like Agnes Brunnl in the woods too – they are on a playground/sledding hill in winter.

A.  Our favorites that have high chairs include Bieramt (1030), Blaustern (1090, bordering 19th), Yamm! (1010), Pasta e Basta (1010), Orlando di Castillo (great for breakfast, 1010) and Vapiano (which I realize we have in DC, but it is still a good kid friendly place ).