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Stroll through the Naschmarkt

Simply on the must see list, this place has everything you could imagine. Things like a huge flea market, farmers market, dried fruit and nuts, and restaurants. See this for a link to an Austrian website: Flohmarkt am Wiener Naschmarkt jeden Samstag ganzjährig

The market can be reached at the Karlsplatz and Kettenbruckengasse stops on the U4 line.



Where to Buy Crepe Paper

Q: Does anyone know where I can get crepe paper? (Posted 10/26/2012)

A. Lustig Papier at Hohe Markt has it in sheet-size rolls like wrapping paper. For narrow rolls, as in for making streamers, K+K (Kostume + Klamauk) on Domgasse 2 in the 1st district has it. K+K also seems to be the Halloween costume HQs.

A. Metro sells crepe paper streamers in many colors.

Where to Buy Arts and Crafts Supplies in Vienna


General Arts and Crafts Supplies

Boesner  (German site, but has lots of pictures)
Unter der Kirche 4, 11th District
Free parking at the store, or take U3 to the Simmering stop.

Boesner is the Mother Ship for arts and crafts supplies. A big-box art supply emporium with every type of materials, especially for drawing and painting. Large framing section. There is even a small café! A free membership card is required for purchases (fill out the form before checking out), and the store does not accept credit cards other than Bank of Austria debit cards.

Creatopia (German site)
Gentzgasse 109, 18th District.
Tram 40 or 41, Gentzgasse stop.

Creatopia is a relatively small crafts store but packed to the rafters with lots of supplies.  Nice yarn selection. The owner speaks excellent English.

Hutteldorfer Strasse 87
Wien 1150

Large arts and craft supply store also has an online shop.

Yarn and Other Fiber Arts

Knitting (“Stricken”) is very popular in Austria.  There are many small yarn and knitting supply shops throughout the city.  Look for “Wolle” in the shop name and stacks of pretty yarn in the window! Prices are generally higher than in the US, but the quality is very good. All needle sizes and yarn weights/lengths will be metric but converters can easily be found online. Many yarn shops also offer knitting classes if your German skills are up to it.

A German-language list of yarn shops in Vienna. Click on the left sidebar to sort by district (“Bezirk”).

A German-language article about where to learn to knit in Vienna (use Google Translate for a hilarious but nevertheless informative English version.)

There is a German-language Austrian knitting group on Ravelry as well as an English-language “stitch and bitch” group for Vienna.

Fabric and Notions

Textil Müller
Durchstichstraße 2
Free parking at the store

Fabric and notions warehouse with several stores in and around Vienna. The biggest and best of these is located about 30 minutes outside town in Kritzendorf just outside Klosterneuberg.  Stacks and stacks of discounted upholstery and dressmaking fabrics, notions and supplies, many sold by weight. Lots of fun to plunder through the piles!

Mariahilfer Straße 58
1070 Wien

Very large fabric store sells all kinds of fabric. Remnant bins contain a lot of cottons for quilting.  Sewing notions as well.

Conquero Stoffe
Neulerchenfelder Strasse 65
A- 1160 Wien

Stocks fabric and notions.

Währingerstrasse 144
Tram 40 or 41, Aumannplatz stop

Stocks mostly cotton fabrics in bright colors for children’s clothing and décor or for quilting.

Westbahnstraße 38
1070 Wien

Stoffsalon has a large selection of many different kinds of fabrics and sewing supplies. Also has an online shop so you can preview their stock before you visit.

Amerlingstraße 8 (in Mariahilf)
1060 Wien

Children’s fabrics, appliques, sewing notions, etc. Online shop and (sort-of) English-language website.

Sewing Machine Supplies

Note that fabric stores in Vienna do not typically stock any sewing machine supplies other than needles.

1060 Wien

Pfaff supply store also sells accessories for Singer and Husqvarna sewing machines. Most items are located behind the counter, so if you don’t speak much German, bring a picture or description of what you need.


Horváth & Lukács
H-9400, Sopron Színház utca 1.
Sopron, Hungary

This shop, located just over the Hungarian border, is a favorite with English-speaking expats in Vienna for affordable, quality framing and art restoration.