TriVienna WordPress Menu System

The two menus and tag cloud in this site point to different things, and this page is written to help you understand the way they work. WordPress is based on BLOG Posts and Pages.

BLOG Posts: These are posts created by contributors who take the time to share with you information and photographs. They are all numerically ordered based on the most recent creation date. Subjects can be almost anything, but are organized by one or more CATEGORIES and TAGS.

Categories are assigned to each blog post by the contributor. The top Menu is based on Categories. To make it more like a menu we also have in the menu system parent categories and child categories thus providing drop down menus (sometimes called waterfall menus).  The parent categories can be seen along the top row. You will also see child categories as you mouseover a parent with children, and that is the drop down effect.

Tags are also assigned to each blog post, and provide one word descriptors such as “Food”. They are not used as part of the menu system, but they are displayed on the right below SEARCH OUR SITE, and RECENT POSTS, and this is called a “Tag Cloud”. The tag cloud is another way to find things. For example, if you are looking for blog posts about food, click on the word food in the tag cloud. WordPress will pull up all blog posts that have that tag, and they will be ordered by date.

Pages are basically web pages, and the menu on the left points to them. These are not part of the blog system and do not have any association with categories or tags. On TriVienna, these pages are used to list links to other useful web pages. Just pick a topic on the menu on the left side and you will get to it’s web page.

We hope this “PAGE” has been helpful.