Q&A From Vienna Vagabonds Facebook Group

Vienna Vagabonds is a closed Facebook group, restricted to members of the American tri-mission community. Not all of the information shared in this group is mission specific, however, and the following is a list of general, “living in Vienna” questions and answers posted by members of the group. Links to websites with further information have been included where applicable, and the date on which the question was posted is included to give an idea how current the information is.

Q. Where can I find good sushi in Vienna? (Compiled from various posts)

Q. Does anyone have any experience with/recommendations for orthodontics in Vienna or a nearby city? (Posted 6/13/2013)

Q. Where do I go to get my MacBook battery replaced? (Posted 5/24/2013)

Q. How do you find out about sports teams and classes for your kids? (Posted 5/22/2013)

Q. How do you get tickets to see the Vienna Boys Choir? (Posted 4/22/2013)

Q. Does anyone know where I can get coconut butter? (Posted 4/17/2013)

Q. Where can we find cottage cheese, or what are your recommendations for a replacement in a cheesecake recipe that calls for cottage cheese? (Posted 4/12/2013)

Q. We have a few bags of toys that our girls have outgrown. Where is the best place to donate things like that in Vienna? (Posted 3/19/2013)

Q. Does anyone have a recommendation for a doctor who does allergy testing/shots? (Posted 3/19/2013)

Q. Does anyone know where I might find frozen hash browns? (Posted 3/6/2013)

Q. Does anyone have any recommendations for places to host a child’s birthday party? Also, has anyone invited Austrian children to their parties? If so, how did you do it?  (Posted 3/4/2013)

Q. Does anyone have a recommendation for a beginning German language course?  (Posted 3/1/2013)

Q. What are your favourite places to tobogganing in and/or out of Vienna?  (Posted 2/23/2014)

Q. Do we need to make reservations to get a table by the bakery AND can we view the bakery year round? (Posted 2/11/2013)

Q. Does anyone know where to get ice skates sharpened? (Posted 2/16/2013)

Q. Does anyone know of a car wash that does interiors as well as exterior? And if so do they understand English?  (Posted 2/7/2013)

Q. Does anyone know where I might be able to find Saturday swimming classes for my 3 year old? (Posted 1/15/2013)

Q. Does anyone have a recommendation for an apartment rental agency/service in Vienna for visitors? (Posted 1/13/2013)

Q. Any recommendations for a spa for “girls’ day”? (Posted 1/2/2013)

Q. Does anyone know of toddler gym classes or activities?  Looking for an indoor activity for my son (15 months) for the winter months. (Posted 1/8/2013)

Q. Now that it’s the new year, does anyone know where to dispose Christmas trees? (Posted 1/1/2013)

Q. What is an appropriate tip for various services? (Compiled from various posts.)

Q. Does anyone know good places in town to get ski gear? (Posted 12/17/2012)

Q. Does anyone know where to buy candy canes, both large and small? (Posted 12/17/2012)

Q. Does anyone have a suggestion for a massage therapist that is an RMT (so insurance will help cover the cost). (Posted 12/5/2012)

Q. I’m looking for a CD or website with Austrian children’s songs – particularly Christmas ones right now. Any recommendations? (Posted 11/30/2012)

Q. Have you found any good restaurants that you feel comfortable taking kids to? (Posted 11/26/2012)

Q. Does anyone know where I can buy a Christmas smoker? (Posted 11/25/2012)

Q. Where can I find pre-made pies or ingredients to make pie for Thanksgiving? (Compiled from various posts.)

Q.  Has anyone seen some nice (not too tacky) Austrian dolls in a souvenir shop or toy store lately? (Posted 11/19/2012)

Q. Does anyone know of a place I can take my new puppy for a haircut? (Posted 11/9/2012)

Q. Does anyone know of a place where you can get information on ALL the balls in Vienna?  (Posted 11/8/2012)

Q. Where can I find a whole turkey? (Posted 11/2/2012)

Q. Are there any good Mexican restaurants in Vienna? Where can I buy ingredients for Mexican cooking? (compiled from several posts)

Q. Does anyone have any have any hotel recommendations that cater to or accomodate two young kids? (11/2/2012)

Q. Where can I rent or buy movies in English? Where can I buy books in English? (compiled from several posts)

Q. Does anyone have location suggestions for a December ski trip that would be easy for beginners? (Posted 10/27/2012)

Q: Does anyone know where I can get crepe paper? (10/26/2012)