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Strandbad Alte Donau

Strandbad Alte Donau is a great place to spend a hot summer day, whether you have children or do not. This park is run by the city and is thus very reasonably priced (we paid less than 10 Euros for a day pass for our family). You have the option of renting a cabin for the day, if you want a place to stash your belongings and change into and out of swimwear. There are also small, free changing cabins throughout the park so renting a cabin is not strictly necessary.

The park has lots of green space with lounge chairs and flat wooden slats that are perfect for a picnic; these were both in the shade and not. There are also a couple public restroom facilities that were relatively clean, and at least one water faucet in the grassy sunbathing area. And rest assured: you do not have to drag your picnic trash and recyclables home with you, as there are lots of trash and recycle bins around the park.

The park has three swimming pools: two for children and one for everyone. One of the children’s pools was only ankle-deep, and the other maybe knee-deep. Perfect for children just learning to be in the water. The other pool was a regular depth and on the large side for a European pool. There was also a lot of deck space with lounge chairs for relaxing after a swim, or sunbathing.

I can’t speak much more about the swimming pools because this is where my children wanted to swim when we visited:

River swimming

River swimming

There is a pebbly beach that leads into surprisingly warm river water. The water was also very clean and clear, and right where the beach meets the water there is an elephant slide for little kids. The water got progressively deeper but not much cooler.  I highly recommend wearing water shoes if you have them, as the bottom of the water was also very pebbly and not so comfortable to walk in barefoot.

If your children get bored of swimming (impossible, I know) the park also boasts a large playground. The playground has all the standard playground equipment: climbing structures, slides, see-saws, rockers, etc. I think I also saw a sandpit, and there was also a tall climbing wall that older children would like. Parts of the playground are shaded and some are not.

Climbing structure on the playground

Climbing structure on the playground

If you are not so organized and realize that you’ve forgotten something once you are there, it is not the end of the world. The park has a shop that sells bathing suits and water toys (rafts, noodles, etc.). There is also a self-service restaurant that looked like it also had table service on its patio, as well as a snack stand that sold treats such as langos and ice cream.

This park made for a very fun day for my family, and we will be returning many times before the summer is over.

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