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Wiener Schokolade König Leschanz

It might as well say "Come in" over the door

It might as well say “Come in” over the door

Wiener Schokolade Koenig Leschanz is located on Freisingergasse 1-A in the 1st district of Vienna. It’s off the main streets of the historic/shopping district, but well worth the detour. It was the sign over the door that caught our attention, but a peek in the window sealed the deal: on display was a chocolate cake decorated to look like a page from the Grimm brother’s stories. What a clever way to advertise that the shop makes custom cakes.

Chocolate apothecary

Chocolate apothecary

The inside of the store looks like an old-school apothecary, but the displays were various chocolate items. The display case had the typical assortment of truffles, chocolate nut barks, and mix and match candies. The back shelves contain chocolates in all manner of nostalgic packaging, as well as chocolate in a variety of shapes. We purchased a chocolate cat and airplane for our children for their first day back at school, but it took us some time to decide which of the many candies to purchase.

The store also carries large chocolates that are gift worthy (such as this chocolate high heel that we had made at another chocolatier), cakes, and drink chocolate. If you can’t find what you are looking for, the store will work with you to design your own chocolate. The staff were very friendly and spoke some English.