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Q. Does anyone have any experience with/recommendations for orthodontics in Vienna or a nearby city? (Posted 6/13/2013)

A. We used a great one: Claudia Smiles on Billrothstrasse in the 19th district. (Note: The orthodontist’s name is Dr. Claudia Aichinger-Pfandl and this is the website for her practice.)

A. Dr. Eva-Maria Madani. (Note: View her practice’s website here.)


Allergy Testing

Q. Does anyone have a recommendation for a doctor who does allergy testing/shots? (Posted 3/19/2013)

A. I just received a recommendation for Dr. Reinhard Jarisch for this exact stuff. He’s located in the 21st district at Franz Jonasplatz 8/6. (Note: this is the website for the practice with which Dr. Jarisch is associated: http://www.faz.at/en/home.html)

Doctors in Vienna

Below is a list of English-speaking doctors that have been recommended to us!

Doctors in vienna

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