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Where to find coconut butter

Q. Does anyone know where I can get coconut butter? (Posted 4/17/2013)

A. Merkur in the 14th district, located on Bergmillergasse 7.

A. You can get coconut oil at the bio store near Seiveringerstrasse and Obkirchergasse in the 19th district, and maybe they have coconut butter, too.

A. They carry coconut butter at Naturprodukt Wallner on Wiedner Haupstrasse 66 in the 4th district.

A. I bought coconut butter at the Merkur on Krottenbachstrasse in the 19th. Same refrigerated section as butter, on the very top shelf.


Where to find cottage cheese

Q. Where can we find cottage cheese, or what are your recommendations for a replacement in a cheesecake recipe that calls for cottage cheese? (Posted 4/12/2013)

A. Topfen is the Austrian equivalent of cottage cheese and works well in cheesecake recipes.

A. I just use Philadelphia cream cheese (widely available at the bigger grocery stores) in my cheesecake, with sour cream in the topper.

A. “Landfrischkaese” is pretty much the same thing as cottage cheese.

A. I have seen cottage cheese for sure at my closest Merkur at Hoher Markt and it’s even labeled in English.


Where to find frozen hash browns

Q. Does anyone know where I might find frozen hash browns? (Posted 3/6/2013)

A. They sell frozen “hash browns” at Spar.

A. They also sell tater tot-like things at Zielpunkt.

A. The Merkur on Krottenbachstrasse sells them in patty form.

A. Frozen “rosti” might work as a substitute if you’re looking for more tater tot-type hash browns, and are available at Merkur.

Candy Canes

Q. Does anyone know where to buy candy canes, both large and small? (Posted 12/17/2012)

A. Metro and Merkur have them, but it is hard to find peppermint (they are usually cherry flavor).

A. The Christmas market at Schonbrunn has various sizes and flavors of candy canes.

A. The Christmas market at Maria-Theresa-Platz has a stand that sells candy canes.

The Pie Factory

Q. Where can I find pre-made pies or ingredients to make pie for Thanksgiving? (Compiled from various posts.)

A. The Pie Factory. I used this place for Thanksgiving pies. Great selection of fruit and savory pies like meat, curry, and Thai pies. Standard size are personal sized; you need to call ahead for a family sized pie. Highly recommend it. It’s across from Altes AKH.

A. Bobby’s food store has everything you need to make pumpkin pie: pie crust, evaporated milk, and Libby’s pumpkin pie.