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English Language Videos and Books

Q. Where can I rent or buy movies in English? Where can I buy books in English? (compiled from several posts)

A. Pickwick’s in the 1st district, near Schwedenplatz. This is an English-language video rental/sale shop, as well as a used bookstore that will buy used books (about 30 cents each). Pickwick’s is also a pub and diner that serves delicious hamburgers.

A. The CLO’s office maintains a free lending library, located on the floor beneath their office. They accept donations of used books.


Rathaus Film Festival

One of the highlights of our past two summers in Vienna has been the music film festival. A large screen is placed in front of the Rathaus, and hundreds of chairs and bleachers are put out so people can enjoy the music films that are projected onto the screen. The music films are shown nightly at sundown, and range from classic operas and ballet performances to modern jazz and rock & roll.

Get your free musical performances here!

Get your free musical performances here!

About 20 food stands are set up along the path leading from the ring road to the front of the Rathaus, representing culinary delights from both Austria and as far afield as Australia. Each booth also offers a couple signature cocktails, and the Ottakringer Brewery has a stand offering an amazing variety of brews. There are also a couple ice cream and coffee trucks interspersed with the food stands. The “culinary strasse” is open from 11:00 a.m. to midnight.

Food stands and seating

Food stands and seating


  • Visit the event’s website (German)
  • Visit the Vienna tourism board’s website (English)


Baby Kino at Votiv Kino – taking your baby to the movies!

The Votiv Kino makes going to the movies fun and easy for parents with babies.  Every other Tuesday at 11 a.m. the theater becomes baby-friendly.  Lights in the theater are dimmed, but not turned off completely, so parents can come and go if they need to change the baby or take a crying baby out of the theater for a little while.  The sound is also turned down so that babies can sleep.  Smoking is not allowed in the theater or in the bar so that parents can enjoy refreshments before the show. There is even a baby changing table, baby wipes, and a bottle warmer available.

 Important Information!

  • Please note that this is not a children’s program!  The movies are chosen from their regular screening schedule and they are usually not for children!  Therefore, only babies 12 months and under are allowed (by Austrian law).
  • Not all movies are in English! For a listing of films playing during Baby Kino, please go to www.votivkino.at and click on VotivKino, then Baby Kino.  A monthly schedule will appear on the screen.  English language movies will be marked (engl. OmU), meaning, English Original with Subtitles)
  • Tickets cost 7,50 Euro (babies are free), and the ticket price includes a piece of cake.
  • Box office opens at 10:30 a.m.
  • Films start at 11 a.m.
  • Parents are responsible for their children and are asked not to allow babies to crawl around the theater.
  • If your baby cries during the show, parents are asked to take it out of the theater.
  • The theater’s foyer can only hold a limited number of strollers and is only accessible by stairs, though a staff member waits by the side entrance to help the parents bring the strollers down the stairs.

Today’s Baby Kino was the last before the “summer pause,” and Baby Kino will resume mid-September. For further information, contact the Votiv Kino.

Thanks to Devin for this suggestion!

English-Language Movies in Vienna

Several Vienna cinemas show movies in English with German subtitles. Look for “OV” (Original Version) in the movie titles to find undubbed movies.  Always check the day of the movie showing for schedule changes as they tend to be quite variable.  Tickets can usually be reserved and/or purchased online.

Links for English-Language Movies