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Austrian Children’s Music

Q. I’m looking for a CD or website with Austrian children’s songs – particularly Christmas ones right now. Any recommendations? (Posted 11/30/2012)

A. There’s a guy with a complete stall of Christmas CDs at Am Hof…might be a good option.

A. You can also get CDs at Libro and Pargo…I have seen displays in the past couple of days with Christmas ones.

A. Our Austrian playgroup moderator highly recommends this CD of children’s music: “Zehn kleine Krabbelfinger” von Gesa Wohlleben und marianne Austermann. She also recommended this Christmas book, which comes with a CD (or has a CD associated with it, I am not sure which…): “Kleine Kerze leuchte” von Detlef Jöcker und Rolf kreuzer.


Rathaus Film Festival

One of the highlights of our past two summers in Vienna has been the music film festival. A large screen is placed in front of the Rathaus, and hundreds of chairs and bleachers are put out so people can enjoy the music films that are projected onto the screen. The music films are shown nightly at sundown, and range from classic operas and ballet performances to modern jazz and rock & roll.

Get your free musical performances here!

Get your free musical performances here!

About 20 food stands are set up along the path leading from the ring road to the front of the Rathaus, representing culinary delights from both Austria and as far afield as Australia. Each booth also offers a couple signature cocktails, and the Ottakringer Brewery has a stand offering an amazing variety of brews. There are also a couple ice cream and coffee trucks interspersed with the food stands. The “culinary strasse” is open from 11:00 a.m. to midnight.

Food stands and seating

Food stands and seating


  • Visit the event’s website (German)
  • Visit the Vienna tourism board’s website (English)


Vienna Boys Choir

On Friday evenings, the Vienna Boys Choir has a concert at the MuTh.  It is a 400 person concert hall in the Augarten of the 2nd District.  The concert is 1.5 hours with a small intermission.

The first half of the concert features the Vienna Boys Choir alone and the second half adds a small orchestra along with the Vienna Boys Choir.  The concert hall is fairly small and there isn’t a bad seat in the house.  Prices start at 39 euro. You can buy tickets directly from the Muth.  Other online vendors also sell the tickets, but add a significant surcharge.

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It’s all song (and some) dance in Vienna!

Vienna is the birthplace of many great composers (Schubert and both Strauss to name a few) and a great many others who spent a significant amount of time here like Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven. So it should come to no surprise that there are countless classical music performance options and venues around the city.

Even if classical music is not entirely your thing, I highly suggest checking out at least one of them while you spend some time in Vienna! It’s an amazing experience and a wonderful (date) night.

My favorite performance (yet) was the “dinner and concert” show my husband and I attended at Schloss Schönbrunn right before New Year’s last year. The dinner might not be to everyone’s liking (Tafelspitz – boiled beef – it is literally everywhere here!) but you cannot beat the atmosphere of eating in the palace and then strolling over to the ‘Orangerie’ to listen to compositions by Mozart and Strauss. This particular concert also features singers and two ballet dancers (there are other concert packages offered, check the website for details).

In January, I treated my husband for his birthday to a church concert at the beautiful St. Anna Church downtown (close to the Opera House). We heard Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and really enjoyed it despite the fact that it was utterly cold inside the church (apparently the church is heated now according to the website!).

Just last night, we visited Karlskirche to listen to Mozart’s Requiem. I hadn’t been inside the church before but it was a beautiful location with terrific acoustics (just remember when the temperature drops, dress warm!).

And, if you’re in the mood for a lighter and less classical night (and one that involves wine!), check out the Heuriger Show in the 19th district! This is a fun, very local experience with uplifting classical songs (and some folk/polka!), singers, and dancers …. and wine! You can choose to eat from a set menu while you listen to the show.

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