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Day trip to Kahlenberg

One of the most visited day trip locations near Vienna is Kahlenberg. It has a vast view of the city and lots of easy hiking trails for the whole family.


The drive to the top is also easy or you can choose to hike.


For more information see: Heavenly views from the Kahlenberg

And http://www.kahlenberg.eu/en

Google Map


Waldseil Park


Waldseil Park in Kahlenberg is a great place for a family day trip. It’s almost as adventurous as Zip Lining, but well organized, and quite safe.

They have a English language website for the latest information: http://www.waldseilpark-kahlenberg.at/en/




Birthday Party Venues

Q. Does anyone have any recommendations for places to host a child’s birthday party? Also, has anyone invited Austrian children to their parties? If so, how did you do it? Unfortunately I speak little/no German and I don’t know how I would host a party with kids I can’t talk to. (Posted 3/4/2013)

A. Party places I’ve been to are Monki Park at Millenium City and Lollipop at Q19. Both have bouncy castle and obstacle course type of things kids love. I have also been to Minopolis but I think that’s more for school age kids. As far as inviting Austrian kids, the parents usually speak English and many times the kids do too. Plus, the staff at these party places usually speak both and can help in that regard. (Note: Read TriVienna’s reviews of Monki Park and Minopolis for first hand reviews of these venues.)

A. We’ve been to parties at Schonbrunn kids museum, Family Funland (they have a huge little-kids area and party rooms…plus they provide cake and drinks), Cobenzl petting zoo (where you get to choose to make pizza or cookies…they have bilingual helpers run the show), and the sand box at Turkenschanz park (free but more work). We tend to send email invitations in English and German if there’s a class list. (Note: Read TriVienna’s reviews of the Schonbrunn kids museum, Cobenzl petting zoo, and Turkenshanz park for first hand reviews of these venues.)

Places to Sled

Q. What are your favourite places to tobogganing in and/or out of Vienna? We’re hoping to go sledding but don’t know where to go. (Posted 2/23/2014)

A. Türkenschanz Park, in the 18th district. Take 40 or 41 tram to Aumannplatz, walk up Türkenschanzstrasse (it’s a fairly steep hill) to the park, you will see people sledding. The 40A and 37A buses are even closer – they stop right at the park (“Gregor Mendl Strasse”). (Read TriVienna’s review of the park here.)

A. We just spent the morning sledding in the Vienna woods. If you take the bus route of the 43B bus turning right past Keylwerthgasse down the cobblestone road you take it until you get to a restaurant on the left hand side. Park there and cross the street and you’re there. Slide away!

A. Here is a website for additional ideas for sledding venues: http://www.wien.gv.at/english/environment/parks/sledge.html

Hiking the Hagenbachklamm

On this first sunny Sunday of 2014, we hiked the Hagenbachklamm, a regional park located just north of Maria Gugging/Klosterneuberg, about half an hour from downtown Vienna.  Parking is located at the Parkplatz Hagenbachklamm on the B14 near St. Andrä-Wördern.

The trail through the gorge.

The trail through the gorge.

From the Parkplatz, there is a well-kept walking trail that follows the path of a creek through the “klamm,” or gorge.  It is listed as a family-friendly path, and it is, but I would not try to bring a stroller on it. Also, there are some places where the trail is narrow with a good drop on one side, where I would personally keep a good grip on a toddler or preschooler.



We did not follow the main park trail all the way. Instead we used this map from a hiking website which took us on a longer circuit with a more varied terrain. But it was still a pretty easy hike, and of course, there was a Gasthaus conveniently located along the way!

Food that-a-way.

Food that-a-way.

Gasthaus Strasshofer in Hintersdorf is a friendly, inexpensive little place with some wicked cevapcici on offer. Also, the first breaded and fried ham and cheese palatschinken we have every seen. Only in Austria.

Cevapcici with fries. Good thing we were hiking.

Cevapcici with fries. Good thing we were hiking.

There is also a refuge for birds of prey located in the gorge. When we passed by, staffers were showing some great big falcons to a bunch of very interested kids. Pony rides are also available, and there is a playground nearby.

One of several "Indian" wood carvings in and around the bird refuge.

One of several “Indian” wood carvings in and around the bird refuge.

The whole circuit took us about three hours, including lunch. It was a great way to get out and enjoy the sun!

Another section of the trail, which leads through several farms.

Another section of the trail, which leads through several farms.

Hagenbachklamm Nature Reserve
Park Website (German only)

Reviewed by Kelly