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Pierogies for Lunch!

Pierogies are a traditional Polish dumpling made with a variety of fillings. They are boiled quickly, then often fried in butter to give them a crispier crust (and because butter!)

Piotrowski – Brötchenstube keeps it simple, serving several different kinds of pierogies, soup, salads, and a couple of appetizers.  You can order plates of 4, 6, or 8 pierogies with any fillings you like. View the menu as a PDF here.

Piotrowski - Brötchenstube

Piotrowski – Brötchenstube

We ordered two 6-pierogie plates with various meat, cheese, and vegetable fillings.  They were only boiled, not fried in butter as I would have preferred, but they were very good, and the salad was fresh. The pierogies are made right in front of you by the restaurant’s Polish staff so you get a free cooking lesson, too.

A 6-pack of pierogies

A 6-pack of pierogies

Someone sitting next to us was having the soup of the day, which looked pretty darn good. When I go back, I’ll probably order the soup and 4-pierogie combo.

Just out of curiosity, we ordered some dessert pierogies to take home. I doubt these are traditional, but with nut, poppy seed, and vanilla-cheese filling on offer, we had to try them.

Dessert pierogies

Dessert pierogies

Piotrowski – Brötchenstube is only open on weekdays from 9-3, so it is a lunch-only restaurant. They do offer an extensive takeout/catering menu, however, with many additional kinds of pierogies, from asparagus to lox.  I plan to order a box to take home and fry in butter for dinner very soon!

Piotrowski – Brötchenstube
Schwertgasse 2
1010 Wien
01/535 85 58
Open Monday-Friday 9 AM-3 PM