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Spas in and around Vienna

Q. I am looking for a spa for a “girls’ day” and the requirements are: nice spa with massages, facials, etc. and a restaurant on site. Any recommendations? (Posted 1/2/2013)

A. The spa at the Sacher hotel.

A.  Loisium Wine & Spa Resorts.

A. The spa at the Kempinski in Bratislava is lovely, with a view of the Danube.

A.  Therme Wien is great. It’s kind of expensive, but a great three hours.

A. Walibi in Sopron, Hungary, just over the border. It offers a lot of great treatments for a fraction of the cost of Viennese spas, and has a restaurant.

A. So Spa, the spa inside Vienna’s Sofitel hotel. (Read TriVienna’s review of So Spa here.)

A. Pure Day Spa on Tuchlauben 11 in the 1st district is nice and easy to get to.

A.  Wabi, about an hour east on the highway from Vienna to just over the border in Hungary. They have a long list of available services and so many service providers. Seemed to me that even if I had not had an appointment, I would have been able to be seen right away. This was on a Sunday.



Review: Sofitel Spa (So Spa)



I recently visited So Spa, the gorgeous and relaxing spa inside Vienna’s Sofitel Hotel.  This French-inspired spa has something for everyone – the menu is arranged as “starters”, “main courses”, and “desserts”, so you can go quick and light, or you can go for the 90 minute deep tissue massage.

I got the relaxing leg treatment (toning and draining based on Indian tradition) and the pedi parfait (luxurious hour-long pedicure) and both left me much lighter on my feet!  The staff are friendly and helpful and the rooms are private and very quiet.  While you wait in the relaxation lounge for your treatments to begin, you can enjoy a fresh fruit smoothie, tea, or a glass of wine.  You also have access to the spa’s sauna and whirlpool.  When you are finished, you can shoot up to the 18th floor (as we did!) to the restaurant/lounge for a snack while you enjoy some of the best city views around.  While the treatments are a little pricey, I highly recommend this as a great place for a special occasion or a well-deserved treat!

For more information:

  • Visit the spa website

Thank you to Stephanie for this tip!