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Restaurant in the Vienna Woods: Waldschenke Staar

Waldschenke Staar is a wonderful chicken grill right in the Vienna Woods.  I call it the “Chicken in the Woods” place. They make wonderful rotisserie chicken on an open pit fire. You can order “ein ganzes, ein halbes oder ein viertel Backhendl”  (whole, half or quarter roast chicken. It is perfect with a “gemischter Salat”/mixed salad).
Dogs are welcome in the Heurigen garden as well.  It is 15 km from Vienna through the Vienna woods  road — turn off at road to Tulln by the circle. Drive slowly in the Vienna woods – the police often do speed checks (to prevent noise pollution) and there are many areas where the road suddenly becomes 30 kilometres per hour!
The restaurant is  open all summer until the end of November. On arrangement, they also can do a Thanksgiving turkey for a larger group or, of course, you could enjoy the traditional goose in the late Fall instead of your turkey for an Austrian experience!

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Recommended by Helen.